Our Roadmap

How to bring the idea on the road?

We have a robust, innovative plan to turn Gilly’s idea into a digital platform that the international community can depend on. 


Founding of ASBL. Application for special status to allow tax-free donations.


We introduce Hudson’s Cancer Support in Luxembourg with a new microsite.

Our fundraising plan will begin in earnest, with the key aim to raise sufficient funds to commission the website to allow us to start building the platform. 

We develop collaboration with all active cancer charities and foundations involved in the cancer space.  

We create a team of professional volunteers to support the project.  

We launch an awareness campaign highlighting our platform to the medical community in Luxembourg. We want to make Hudson´s Cancer Support known to the hospitals and doctors across the country to inform cancer patients that they can find access to everything they need in English on our website. 

We launch our social media channels in September.

Our website build begins, aiming to go live in November 2022. 

Development of other online services and campaigns.