An idea is born

Gilly Mathieson was diagnosed in Luxembourg with advanced cancer in 2019. Her diagnosis was critical, and the surgery needed was not possible in Luxembourg. She began chemotherapy and was advised to consult quickly with leading cancer experts in Europe. Gilly was required to find a specialist who could perform the complex multi-organ surgery. As time was crucial, she needed to find things quickly. While searching for cancer support online, she noticed no single place in Luxembourg for guidance. Information was listed chiefly in German and French, which were not easily accessible and across multiple channels. Gilly’s journey to track down experts was challenging, relying on her journalistic skills and contacts to help her find a team willing to perform the pioneering surgery. This experience prompted Gilly to develop the asbl concept for Hudson’s, a single place for anyone affected by cancer in Luxembourg to find access to everything they need in English.

Hudon’s Cancer Support

Hudson’s represents the international community’s interests in Luxembourg to easily access all information regarding prevention, treatment, and support in case of cancer of any kind. 

Our vision is to create a trusted digital platform where anyone affected by any cancer can quickly find the things they need. This concerns in particular :

 • The provision of information on all aspects of prevention, treatment, and follow-up care for cancer. 

• Online advice on all aspects of cancer/prevention/aftercare. 

• Establishment and maintenance of a digital platform providing the necessary and helpful information. 

• Establishment and maintenance of an anonymous online platform for exchange among members and users. 

• Cooperation with other “non-profit organizations” on the subject of cancer/prevention/aftercare. 

• Cooperation with health sector organisations.

• Organisation of training courses and seminars on the subject of cancer/prevention/aftercare.

• Collection of information and experiences on cancer/prevention/aftercare as input into the “Plan National Cancer.” 

• Campaigns on the subject of cancer/prevention/aftercare.